At Santa's Voice, LLC we offer affordable and creative audio/visual production services. From short 'spots' to feature film narrations, our artistic and technical efforts will have you smiling in 'Santasfaction'. While productions related to Christmas represent a major portion of our business, we service the needs
of almost every type of retail enterprise, profession and industry. And, just like Santa,
we know the importance of 'Due Dates' and being on time with a 'Delivery'.

You'll find our technical staff easy to talk with, our 'actors' to be 'real people', our writers
'well versed' and our producers sincerely interested in your production needs. We take
a personal interest in your success because we know ours depends upon it!

When you contact us, more likely than not, you'll speak with our director, J. R. Arthur.
When you do, you'll hear why radio, TV and other media producers, across the
country, who’ve already discovered his rich baritone, gifted vocal chords and
agility at interpreting a script, keep “J.R.” (as he prefers to be called)
busy all year long.

Contact us at your convenience to discuss your specific needs.
There's never a charge for our initial consultation and you'll
be surprised by how enjoyable, and productive, the
conversation will be!
J. R. Arthur
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